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Seher has been an amazing student and has been a wonderful experience to teach her. Extremely hardworking and dedicated to whatever she commits to in life.


Just into my teens I remember watching an Arabian Knights kind of movie. A scene snaps in front of my eyes where mesmerizing tunes are played on an oud and a beautiful woman is moving gracefully to the tune. It’s her beautiful abdomen and torso movements that struck me ever since and I secretly wished I could move like her. Belly dancing became a secret obsession ever since.

My family was never opposed to the idea of me imbibing any art. But, keeping my passion for learning Belly Dancing clandestine fuelled my love for it further.

In reality, I wanted to come across a real teacher who could help me learn this beautiful dance. Only once had I mastered it, had I decided I would reveal it to my family.

So, here I was more than 15 years later at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by and with Ritambhara Sahni taking my first belly dance lesson. I had never learnt any other dance form and even refrained from any kind of dance movement at any family gatherings or while partying with friends.

On the first day a lot of thoughts invaded my mind. Would I be able to pick up the beautiful dance moves? With my slightly overweight frame would I look as graceful as the Arabian dancers?

But, the moment I was handed over my Belly dance belt all these apprehensions gave way to joy. I was so absorbed in learning my first shimmy and hip hits that when the minutes turned to hours i had no recollection.

3 months into the course and after learning belly dance in Levels 1,2 & 3, I took my first dance test. I felt a dream come true when I passed it and was given my certificates.

Ritambhara Sahni has been more of friend than a teacher and has always encouraged me and pushed me to refine my dance and better my performance. She has instilled a confidence in me that a body type should not prove a limitation to any kind of learning. From then on I have continued my training and wish to complete up to Level 20.

When I am dancing I am one with myself, feel a sense of contentment, feel beautiful & at peace. This is indeed the most beautiful feeling in the world. The credit for this beautiful feel goes to the team at Belly dance Institute Mumbai and Ritambhara Sahni of course.

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