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The mother was Ritambhara Sahni’s student in 2004 for hip-hop and bollywood and now 12 years down the line her daughter found her classes for belly dance. Ritambhara Sahni was excited to meet her old student again and was a beautiful feeling and it feels amazing to teach her daughter now. Here are few words written by both mother and daughter in the form of testimonials.

Mother and Daughter Sharing Same Dance Class

Geeta Panvalkar – Ritambhara Sahni’s student in 2004 says…. After getting married and mother of two kids I wanted to get back to my passion of dancing. Browsing through the ads “RSIPA- Ritambhara Sahni’s Institute For The Performing Arts ” name flashed across. I called up and took admission for her Hip-Hop sessions. The first day of the class full of 80% youngsters and teenagers, I was a 36 year old looking nervously for my instructor, a young beautiful girl took charge of the class. I fell in love with her Glowing face, sweetest of smile. She started our sessions, she spoke less and worked more. Instantly, I felt like a teenager, full of energy after the basic warm up she started teaching us dancing. I got introduced to Bollywood Hip Hop. A word of inspiration if you got it wrong but

repeated mistakes would get back at you. Fun, Workout and self confidence is what I discovered back. Ritambhara was very patient and rarely lost her cool. A personal bond with her and a pat on the back made me feel on the ‘Top of the world ‘. Back on stage after a long time for a performance in front of my little kids as a mom was a moment of pride. Shimmering through the dance and mastering Ahh Ahh Jaane Jaana .. Salman steps…Piya tu Ab toh Aaja a Helen no. made me feel a STAR. Thanks to Ritambhara, I continued with her and today after 12 long years when I thought I have almost lost touch with her my daughter’s dream of learning belly dancing once again brought me to Ritambhara. She is still the same, beautiful. Meeting her got me nostalgic. I pray to God that she keeps dancing so that she trains my third generation.God bless her.


Arpita Panvalkar her daughter says…

I started dancing in my mom’s womb. After getting trained in classic and Indian folk dances, I came up with the urge to learn belly dancing. Looked on the net and found Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and as it would have been destined, Ritambhara Sahni . I spoke to her not knowing that she was the same Ritambhara Sahni who was my mom’s instructor. My mom was overwhelmed and rightly decided that I get to no other classes and she is the best. When me and my mom met her I could see a joy and bond between both of them. Immediately even I had felt that I have come to the right place. The way she teaches us,she makes us all feel so special. This mixture of her perfect dance techniques and love Is definitely helping me to be a better Belly dancer. I gradually started knowing her intense passion for dance made me Idolize her. Just like kids say I want to be a Sachin Tendulkar or a Virat Kohli. I want to be a RITAMBHARA SAHNI. Arpeeta Panvalkar

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