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Ritambhara Sahni Reviews by Purvi

Belly dance to me is a wonderful experience. It connects my heart, mind and spirit with my being and results in keeping me delighted all day. I never knew that belly dancing would be my cup of tea but once I started learning it from Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ms. Ritambhara Sahni—my confidence increased day by day. I was able to pick-up quickly and got a lot of support from my teacher Ms. Ritambhara who guided me a lot. Her encouragement gave me the confidence and I have completed 8 levels. I look forward to complete my 9th level and many more. It’s my dream that I complete as many levels as possible because it is my hobby and I shall be overjoyed to perform on stage and win the hearts of my audience with belly dancing.

I have many academic commitments as I am a college student so it was a challenge for me to make time to attend the belly dance class but Ms. Ritambhara was very accommodating to help me manage my schedule from time to time. She is the friendliest, loving and warm person I have ever met and of course the best mentor anyone could have.

I have learnt many dance styles in the past but Belly Dance as a dance form has a completely different effect on me. It makes me feel bold yet elegant and graceful and helps me develop a personality that every young beautiful woman would want to incorporate without losing the essence of their original self. Belly dance has also introduced discipline as an important tool in dancing as well as in life. Each and every move or posture has be taught to me with uttermost patience by Ms. Ritambhara Sahni to all of us without missing any fun and frolic that you could expect. If you are passionate about learning this dance form and also want to make sure to have the time of your lives “Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni” is the place for you

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