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The first time I came Across ‘Belly Dance Form’ was when one of my friend was learning i and she had shown me few moves.i was totally blown over and completely fascinated but couldn’t gather courage to join any professional class. So, it was my sister who encouraged me to join a professional belly dance class. I had done bollywood and hip hop classes with Ritambhara Sahni’s institute for performing arts (RSIPA) some good 14 years ago,way back in 2002 and that was a great learning experience.

This time when I put ‘professional belly dance classes’ on the Internet and the first name that popped up was belly dance institute by Ritambhara Sahni and I was happily surprised to see videos of her students from belly dance institute Mumba .But of course, within no time I made up my mind and enrolled Myself for her beginner’s course.

On day 1 I was nervous about moving my belly but totally excited to meet Ritambhara her energy was same as it was 14 years back I enjoyed the class a lot and reconnecting with Ritambhara Sahni after a long time and the feeling was great. I have always loved her sense of humour and her way of teaching and the combination of both is magic. You got to enroll yourself here to actually enjoy the experience of learning the art of belly dancing .All the girls here are extremely warm and friendly and i can say for sure that they are having one of the best times in their lives .A big thank to Ritambhara Sahni for still continuing her Passion and Inspiring us to chase ours. Belly dance Institute Mumbai rocks. Ritambhara Sahni you have always rocked and will continue to do so.

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