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An author once said, “When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when a passion is born.” And from early on I knew that I had the potential to follow my parent’s footsteps towards becoming a doctor. I single-mindedly worked my way towards becoming a gynaecologist to assist my family in the two nursing homes we owned. As a practicing gynaecologist for the past 15 years, I love what I do and it’s so gratifying to see families celebrate the birth of their child. The Chinese have a nice saying which reads, there’s only one most beautiful child in the world, and every mother has it. Well, I get to see the adoring mothers look ecstatic with a life I helped bring into the world. But as much as there’s a wonderful side to my profession, it is also counterbalanced with the agonies of illnesses that could be fatal. And every time there’s a life we couldn’t help save, families are torn in distraught which does take a toll on the doctors mind. There are some incidents that can’t be left behind at work, so it follows you home and becomes a part of your family saga, even though uninvited. My husband and I have devoted our lives to performing chest compressions or birthing a baby with our every waking hour committed to emergencies and working for days on a stretch.

Ever since my childhood years I’ve always had an inclination towards music and dance, so quenched the desire by learning salsa for a while but I didn’t favour the male dependency. I’ve exercised in a gym for 14 years now with a brief stint in yoga. The team of doctors and nurses working in my nursing home had already gotten used to the fact that I loved to perform deliveries while listening to music and danced for fun but they didn’t see what was coming next. I startled quite a few when I enthusiastically announced that I soon would start classes in belly dancing! And why not? I sincerely believe a lot of medical professionals need to have a hobby where they can let their hair down and forget the ordeals of work, even if it is for a while. So after a quick research, I soon found myself contacting Ritambhara Sahni’s belly dance Institute Mumbai for belly dancing and couldn’t wait to be a student of belly dance.

My first day in the studio left me feeling invigorated already. The place was bursting with a young carefree energy filled with humour and laughter. This was a place I seemed to best fit in and was in a haven of rest after a strenuous week. I was delighted to enter a studio that was resonant with the jingling of the dancers belts interspersed with the joyous chirps of the student circle. It felt good to be a student once again after being involved in the intricate web of responsibilities and authorities. So even if I have to be at my nursing home on a Sunday morning, I make it a point to not miss a single dance class. Personally because it is not only for the cardiovascular endurance an art like belly dance supplements, but mostly because I find the subtle movements in tune with the upbeat music therapeutic. This seemed a great way to lose your inhibition of body fat and made you feel beautiful and confident. Belly dancing made me feel distressed and disconnected from the labour wards and hospitals I managed. Here was a place where I could positively vent the stresses of my profession instead of carrying a baggage home that could otherwise test the family fabric. In Ritambhara Sahni’s Belly dance institute Mumbai I felt refreshed and rejuvenated before the commencement of another perspective week. So, needless to say, after belly dancing in the beginner’s level I joined my young friends to the next batch of levels 4, 5, 6. Ritambhara Sahni is a model teacher whose energy is never on the decline. With laughter in her eyes she is the institutes centrifuge and makes learning so much fun. As a practicing doctor, I’m in a profession that never sleeps. I work round the clock and go home to a family that has adjusted to the phone calls that never ceases. And somewhere down the line in the recent months, dance has helped me to come in tune with myself and strike a fine balance with the work load. Ritambhara Sahni’s belly dance institute Mumbai for belly dancing has impacted my life with their commitment to the art and hence through the techniques I’ve familiarized myself more with my body. Belly dance with its vigorous movements boosts emotions and uplifts moods while synchronizing the mind and body in a harmonious union. For all of this I will be grateful to Ritambhara Sahni and her group of girls at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai.

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