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Belly Dance Mumbai India and World – Online belly dance classes

The institute teaches up to 20 levels & 12 levels in TRIBAL BELLY DANCE FUSION

All Under One Roof here at Belly Dance Mumbai

- Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni


Duration : 2 sessions of 1 HOUR each which are split over a week.

Fees : INR 750\- [ Seven Hundred and Fifty only ] for 2 sessions of an hour each.


Belly Dance Mumbai – India

Beginner’s Belly Dance Workshop, is your 1st step to join Belly Dance Online Beginner’s Course.

Here at Belly Dance Mumbai India by Ritambhara Sahni.

Before joining the OUR ONLINE BEGINNERS COURSE one must to do our beginner’s belly dance workshop/ trial workshop.

Without taking the trial workshop one cannot directly join the beginner’s course.

[ This is done to put the student at her absolute comfort zone so that she is absolutely sure about joining the beginner’s course with us ].

You should do the workshop because :

From our end we conduct the workshop to put the student at absolute ease to join the course and of course, its all about your comfort zone.

As a matter of fact this workshop will absolutely help you to know…

1] Firstly, whether or not you connect with this beautiful art of belly dancing and will help you to understand your relationship better with belly dance.

2] This workshop will completely put you at ease because our online belly dance course is a 2 months commitment.

3] Also the online belly dance workshop will help us get to know each other better

4] Also, it would help you get a feel about the vibe and atmosphere here at Belly Dance Mumbai India by Ritambhara Sahni online classes.

At the same time it will also give you an understanding on how we teach as well as you would know your instructor before joining.


Major Signature moves of belly dance will be covered in the beginner’s belly dance online workshop.

And this would also complete your Foundation Course in belly dancing with us.

If you see any professional belly dance performance, these moves have to always be included in the performance.

Belly dance signature moves are used right from the 1st level to professional level and beyond.

Its definitely a rich content in particular that we cover here in terms of belly dance techniques.

How its conducted : Both the sessions are done online on zoom in a group by the instructor as well as Ritambhara Sahni here at belly dance Mumbai India by Ritambhara Sahni – Online.


Timings & Schedule:

2 sessions of one hour each.

Day : Sunday

Dates and timings will be given on call.


Attire : Belly dance Mumbai India by Ritambhara Sahni recommends you wear leggings or tracks and a T-shirt.

Do not wear jeans/jeggings because they are a barrier to learn certain belly dance techniques and this would cost you to waste your session.

Also do not wear harems, skirts or plazo’s because seeing your leg movements is very important. So definitely wear something in which you are comfortable to move about and we can see your leg movements.

No footwear required, as a matter of fact, Belly dance is done barefooted, but you can wear socks or peds if your feet are sensitive.


1] Our main aim is to complete the 5 signature moves of belly dance techniques with you in the online belly dance workshop. This will be done in 2 sessions of one hour each on zoom medium online in a group.

2] Our workshop fees is Rupees seven hundred and fifty only [INR 750\-] for 2 sessions of an hour each. Please note that this fees once paid is non – refundable.

After the 1st session of the workshop if you wish to join the beginner’s course with us then one would have to pay the remainder fees which is [BEGINNER’s COURSE FEES ] minus INR 750 and pay the remainder fees and upgrade themselves to the online beginner’s belly dance course with us.

Please note the remainder has to be paid before the 2nd session of the beginner’s belly dance workshop if you would like to join the course ahead.

We would not accept the fees after the 2nd workshop is completed for the student and then in that case it will only be counted as a beginner’s belly dance workshop.

3] Moreover, there can only be a difference of a week between the 1st session and the 2nd session of the belly dance workshop.

The remainder fees for the beginner’s belly dance course has to be paid before the 2nd session of the belly dance workshop.

However, if one misses the 2nd session please note that there would be no compensation session for the same .

Alternatively, if one decides not to join before the 2nd session then the 2 sessions are counted as the beginner’s belly dance workshop.

Furthermore, if the student wishes to join the beginners online course in future then full fees included workshop fees would have to be paid again.

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